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At Whitney's Bait & Tackle, we're not happy if you're not catching fish! Our main goal is to get you #HookedOnSanibel and we'll do just about anything to make that happen  - even if it means giving up our secret spots and tactics! We encourage you to ask us anything whether you're near or far. Pick up the phone, drop us an eMail or stop in for advice on what's biting right now and how you can snag it with free lessons from Whitney's!

Tie Leader to Line

Did you know a fishing leader is very important to the success of the fisherman? It can make or break you when it comes to hooking on to the fish of your dreams. Ensuring you have a good leader line with strong knots is critical for inshore anglers who want to snag many local species such as snook, redfish, tarpon, etc. The fact of the matter is that many aren't educated on how to make a leader and that's why they're not catching fish. Whitney's is here for you! Come in for a free lesson today!

tie hook to line fishing lesson

Read the Tides

You can cast a line and pray for the best all day long but knowing when and where to cast a line will significantly improve your chances of catching a fish. In order to determine when and where the best fishing is, it is helpful to use local tide charts, and in order to do that, you'll have to know how to use the information they present. Because the tides are constantly changing, it's easy to get confused. We'll help you learn how to read a tide table and how to apply the knowledge you get from doing so.

how to read the tide fishing lessons

Pick the Right Fly

Picking the right fly can be a very scientific process! Should you use an immitator or an attractor? What's the right size, shape, movement or color for whatever fish you're looking to land? And, with more than 100,000 flies to choose from, many of which could be right for your fish, which is the best option? Although you won't know if it's the right one until you tie one on and cast your line, Whitney's can point you in the right direction. Come by to hear what Whitney has to say. You'll probobly hear a great story about a time he caught the worlds largest fish in Steamboat, CO if nothing else ; )

how to pick the right fly - fishing lessons at whitney's on sanibel

Throw a Cast Net

We're lookin' for pancakes people... That's what the rim of a cast net looks like when it hits the water if you throw it right. Not sure what we're talking about? Come in and we'll tell ya'! Whitney and his crew have the perfect space for all the pancake lessons you could ever dream of. So stop by and get ready for a work out as they take you out back and teach you a thing or two about how to land the perfect toss and why your net should resemble a silver dollar once it leaves your finger tips.

how to throw a cast net lesson

Tie Line to Hook

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Bait a Hook

Has your grandpa's method of stringing hot dogs on the tip of the hook failed you one too many times? Ready to learn how to put the crab on so it doesn't fly off next time you're on the hunt for a silver king? There are special ways to get your bait on the hook so it stays alive and attracts your prey. We've got all the bait you'll need to practice too!

fly fishing

Fly Cast

Overhead, roll, false, curve, double hall & spey casting. You might have heard a million names for fly casting techniques but learning which one to use and what to use it on is the key to success. Whitney has a passion for teaching, especially teaching fly fishing, and he's eager to share it with you! Just ask next time you're in the area and ready to learn the tricks of the trade!

filet a fish - sanibel fishing lessons at whitney's

Fillet a Fish

Now that you've learned how to catch the fish, what are you going to do with all the fish you catch? We'll teach you how to fillet them so you can take home dinner at the end of a successful day of fishing on Sanibel.